lavender and thyme

thyme_for_a_mani_crackleToday I’m wearing Sephora by OPI ‘Thyme for a Mani’ and China Glaze Crackle Glaze in ‘Luminous Lavender’.

With this mani I knew I wanted to use my crackle Luminous Lavender.  But what base color would go with it?  As a general rule when I use crackle… I always choose a contrasting base shade so the mosaic effect really stands out. So either a dark base color and a light crackle…or a creme base and a glittery crackle, etc.  I scanned my polish stash and couldn’t really find what I was looking for to complement my purple crackle.   Then I noticed my mini bottle of Thyme for a Mani and it hit me: LAVENDER AND THYME.  Yes, I like this aromatic herb theme!  Besides, it’s fun to pair polishes solely based on their names lol!

I love the end result…the color combo has a romantic feel…and the purple glitter crackle is extra-sparkly yet demure at the same time.  It did soak up all my top coat though.  I applied two thick goopy clear coats and it still feels a little bumpy on top.  But that doesn’t bother me… I like using lotsa layers!

What are your thoughts on crackle?


8 thoughts on “lavender and thyme

      • I would probably pair by the names, I love doing stuff like that. One time years ago, my husband caught on that I was matching the plastic hangers to the clothes I hung up to air dry, never thought anyone would notice, lol !! I do not wear nail polish honestly, I do not have nice nails like you do, they will not grow and break easily and with the tiny beadwork it is hard to have the acrylics, so I really enjoy seeing your nail posts because I would love to have pretty nails like that !! You are very creative and it is quite an art, and I had never seen it that way before your blog !!

        • It really is hard to keep nice nails when beading alot! Like u said, its difficult to pick beads up…and its so easy to break or crack the tips when you’re bending wire and stuff 😦 lately I’ve been making real easy pieces like drop earrings or a simple string necklace.
          I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! Thank you for the nice comment!

  1. proper! I looooooove to match polishes for a mani by colour names, too 😉
    this look altogether – well, for me – looks a lot like a lavender-thyme creme brulée due to the cracks that look like candy. if that ever makes sense 😉

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