My Green Mystery

Orly Green With Envy

This is one of my absolute favorite polishes of all time!  I’ve had this Orly bottle for a while and the sticker on the bottom is ripped off.  That means I don’t know what the shade is called!  After much web research I found that it could be Green with Envy.  A lot of other swatches of this color look teal, so I wasn’t quite sure.  Mine is a beautiful green shade with a touch of aqua.  I would describe it as a deep dark sea foam green.  And it’s the perfect shade for St. Patrick’s Day.

The craftynail in me originally planned to do some purple nail art on top of this.  But after applying 4 coats of this green Orly (it’s a jelly so it needed several coats) I realized that it’s just perfect as is!  I’ve got no craftiness for you today, but maybe you can revel in this jelly beauty with me.  Orly has Green with Envy listed online as part of their ‘permanent collection’ so it shouldn’t be hard to find if you are interested.

Green With Envy by Orly

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