DIY Nail Soak

Today I’d like to share the nail soak recipe that I whip up at home.  It makes me feel like I get a deep clean, some moisturizing, and a nice fresh canvas for my next manicure. I usually soak my hands once in a while and especially if I’ve worn dark polish and my cuticles are a bit stained.  I use the following treatment after removing all my polish.  It’s sorta relaxing and only requires a few ingredients that we already have in our kitchen…


  Easy DIY nail soak

  ♥ drip a few drops of dish soap in a small bowl

  ♥ add about a teaspoon of honey

  ♥ add about a teaspoon of olive oil and stir it

  ♥ then add some warm water and stir again

You can soak your nails in this for a few minutes… and then softly scrub them (and underneath) with a nail brush.  Then I like to soak them again to help lift off any dead skin cells that were loosened by scrubbing.  Dry your hands with a soft towel and moisturize and you’ll feel like you pampered yourself a bit!

Interested in more DIY soaks? This blog called Nail Files has a list of easy-to-make varieties which target specific nail problems.  I really want to try the milk or egg soaks because they claim to replenish the protein in your nails!  I love whipping up these kind of concoctions….besides, natural remedies always work best 🙂

9 thoughts on “DIY Nail Soak

      • Aww Thank you! My nails weren’t always this long … I was a furious nail biter for years! I was in my 20s before I stopped nibbling ewwww. I swear by Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle (little gold bottle) it’s all I use. I haven’t tried any others (like nail envy) but I know that when I stopped using NM, my nails started to break, peel and became really brittle. I never cut my nails either, I only use a glass nail file. 🙂

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