Konad nail stamping

I love my konad nail stamping kit!  Most retailers don’t sell Konad… but you can still get all the stamping stuff you need online at Amazon or http://wowsocool.com.  The designs are pretty easy to stamp on and the results look like salon-quality nail art.  To get started you only need a couple items:

  1. Konad Nail Art Stamper
  2. Konad Nail Art Scraper – if you wanna skip this you could just use a credit card!
  3. Konad Stamping Plate – these around $6 ea
  4. Konad Special Nail Polish– but you can use your own regular polish if you have a shade that’s very opaque.  I find that very frosty colors work good too.
Konad Stamping Tools

scraper, special polish, stamper and M35 plate

There are tons of great how-to videos online if you want to know more about stamping.  Here’s a corny (but informative!) youtube vid put out by Konad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzEuVNvE5i0

Below I have posted a few of my past Konad designs.   The camera on my old phone was iffy, but this gives you an idea of the fun stuff you can do with stamping!