I Need a Refresh-Mint

11/23/12–HERE’S A LITTLE UPDATE ON THIS POLISH: This megalast polish lasted forever!  I got a small chip on the 8th day, so I removed the polish on the 9th day I was super-impressed with it’s longevity.  This stuff rocks!! here’s my original post:

11/15/12– Isn’t this a cute name for a polish?  “I Need a Refresh-Mint” is part of the megalast line from wet n wild.   I was a little perplexed when I found it at the store- I couldn’t figure out why they named it mint-anything…. it really looked light blue to me under the fluorescents.  Blue or green?  Who knows, but it is sorta refreshing 🙂

wet n wild I Need a Refresh-Mint

indoors it looks greenish

I stamped a Konad M35 bubble design on the tips to jazz it up a little bit!  I used an old AVON color called Foil Aluminum for my stamping.  I’m sure that Konad special polish would’ve stuck better to the surface of the nail….. but a girl can go crazy buying a zillion shades of special stamping polish!  I told myself that I was only allowed to buy the basic colors for stamping- black and white.  So for some silver bling… I just dug through my stash to find something opaque that might work- I think this avon color did the trick.

I Need a Refresh-Mint by wet n wild

with flash it looks blue-ish!

Getting back to the wet n wild megalast- this line has what they call a ‘manicurve pro brush‘.  Because the brush was wide- I didn’t have to do multiple strokes to cover my nail.  I got a clean paint line along the base and edge of the nail without having to fuss too much.  On the flipside, I’m not sure if ladies with very petite nail beds would like this broad brush…it may accidentally bump into the cuticles?  But nothing about me is very petite … so I’m a fan of the manicurve!

manicurve brush

Thanks for clicking! TGIF and happy nail painting….

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