BROKEN NAIL DILEMMA – I’m taking a poll !

What do you do when one of your nails breaks?? You have one little stumpy nail while all the others are long n lovely!!!

This just happened to me tonite and I haven’t decided how to handle it. So I’m asking my fellow nail fanatics…what’s a girl to do??

Cut ’em all short? Paint a cool mani and pretend it didn’t happen?Β  Help me out ladies….I’d like to hear your thoughts !

6 thoughts on “BROKEN NAIL DILEMMA – I’m taking a poll !

  1. Depending on how long the others are and how short the one is that just broke… I personally hate looking down at my nails and seeing one real stump and beautiful long ones, but I hate to trim em all back jsut because of that one, I usually will trim the others back a bit so its not so much of a difference, but it’s a complete personal preference! Sorry to hear about this, this sucks, I know! 😦

  2. I cut them. Can’t wear odd socks, can’t have different length nails. Even if I could do a good repair, it wouldn’t be long until another one broke. It’s good to cut them short every once in a while anyways πŸ™‚

  3. I don’t keep my nails super long so I pretty much have a little cry and then pretend like it never happened lol.

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