Jade Holographic Polish

Jade Holographic Rose

Jade Holographico – Sedução Rosa

This holographic nail polish is gorgeous!  It’s like rainbows in a bottle!  I picked up this Jade Holographico at www.ninjapolish.com when they had some kind of promotion.  They were sold out of most colors so I wound up getting this pink rose shade called Sedução Rosa.  The holographic effects are amazing… but on the down-side, the brush is kinda wide and squared off at the end so it was a little hard to apply.  And I had to do 3 coats for full opacity.  But the holo pay-off is great… so it was worth it!  Here’s a close-up….

holographic close-up

I think I definitely need to pick up some more holographic polishes!  Anyone out there have a fave I should try ?

7 thoughts on “Jade Holographic Polish

    • Thanks! Even my boyfriend likes this shade …. and you know how much men typically care about nail polish haha!
      However- after wearing it for 5 days i have noticed that’s the holo isnt as stunning in lower light. But i guess most holographics are like that anyway right?

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